How ATG is keeping you safe

Australian Transit Group has implemented a range of controls to combat the effects of the virus and maintain a safe workplace for all staff and other stakeholders. ATG will continue to ensure we strive to provide and maintain a safe environment for all our staff, contractors and customers. 

Workplace Health and Safety Policy




What we are doing

At Australian Transit Group, our aim is to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. ATG will continue to implement a common-sense approach to minimising the spread of COVID-19 aligned to the states health advice at the time.

To help ensure we serve our customers and community with the highest standard of safety and care the following actions will continue to be in place across all elements of ATG.

We will continue to play our part in reminding our community of the importance to be vigilant in achieving and maintaining these goals.



We continue to manage and encourage unwell staff to seek medical advice and self-isolate, as well as ask our customers to stay home if they are feeling unwell.

As a customer, you must not board an ATG Service, should you have any COVID-19 symptoms or be currently positive with the COVID-19 virus.

Whilst we do not require passengers to undertake tests prior to travel, should you develop symptoms whilst traveling with ATG, you should immediately arrange to isolate and undertake an appropriate COVID-19 test.


High standard of personal hygiene

Our offices and vehicles have been equipped with hand sanitisers and handwashing prompts to help our staff to be extra vigilant and adopt best practice hygiene measures.

We ask all our passengers to be as aware of good personal hygiene and to wash hands regularly or use hand sanitiser.

sociual distancing

Social distancing

Social or physical distancing is good practice where possible. We have implemented workplace guidelines on social distancing and interaction between and amongst all employees.

Passengers should undertake social distancing where possible.


Sanitised workplaces and vehicles

We have created clear disinfecting and hygiene procedures for the cleaning of buses and premises. All products used are approved products in accordance with TGA guidelines.


Wearing a mask

ATG advises all passengers and staff to continue to minimise the risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19. We recommend masks when social distancing is not possible and to prevent the spread of the virus if symptoms are present.



All passengers on ATG services must comply with the relevant mandate on COVID-19 vaccinations as published by the National or State and Territories Health agencies.

ATG Drivers will not ask for the vaccination status of intending or travelling passengers.


Sneeze & Cough Etiquette

All passengers and staff should follow the relevant Sneeze and cough etiquette and guidelines issued by Government departments and if feeling unwell, or with COVID-19-like symptoms, should refrain from travelling on public transport or coming to work.

Our Expectations

We all have to work together to keep everyone safe. The expectation is that vehicles, workplaces and communities are presented in a clean manner and sanitised to a level that protects against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

ATG has a social responsibility to our communities and following the guidelines, rules and best advice will ensure that we continue to prosper as a company.

In Vehicles

ATG has procured specific disinfectants and hand sanitisers that are approved and recognised as being effective against the COVID-19 virus and have made these available at each depot. These are the only cleaning materials to be used for the sanitisation of the vehicle.

Training guides and instructions have been developed and communicated to all employees in relation to the effective disinfecting of vehicles.

Travelling with us

Avoid direct contact with other passengers and driving staff.

Practise clean hygiene and regularly use hand sanitisers provided.

Use correct cough and sneeze etiquette and dispose of any rubbish correctly.

In Premises

Regular cleaning in Premises will continue with an enhanced disinfecting process taking place alongside the normal cleaning regime. This means that all surfaces, communal areas, toilets sign-on stations, admin offices, and multi-use devices such as tablets, phones, ticketing equipment, must be regularly disinfected.

Social Distancing in Vehicles

Ensure seating arrangements are allowed for social distancing, minimising the opportunity for overcrowding to occur.

ATG continues to encourage Social Distancing where possible and practicable.

Cleaning Procedures

The presentation and cleanliness of vehicles and premises is a key essential for any public transport business and under current COVID-19 conditions, this is even more important. The expectation of all our clients is that vehicles continue to be presented in a clean manner and sanitised to a level that protects against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

ATG will continue to clean all vehicles and premises to a high standard.


We will comply in accordance with public health orders and state and territory mandates.


For the latest information on the pandemic COVID-19, please refer to the relevant Government Websites to stay up to date.

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