The capital of Western Australia, Perth has a local population of over 2 million and is renowned as one of the world’s most isolated cities.

With a thriving local culture combining a strong history of aboriginal heritage, significant economic development associated with Western Australia’s resources, Perth is a vibrant and growing city.

With a private fleet of over 1000 buses, and an additional 50 buses under management, ATG is one of Australia’s largest bus operators in Australia, ATG is 100% Australian owned.



School and Student Transport

Regularly scheduled or one-off transport solutions for schools and their students.

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Tourism Transport

Flexible transport solutions for your holiday plans.

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Bus Charter & Special Events

A fleet of modern, fully-fitted buses available for hire, with itineraries and bookings tailored specifically to your needs.

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Mining Transport

Transportation of workers and groups, including regional, remote and urban area transportation.

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