Public Transport

Delivering solutions to Government, and to commuters.

As a market leading bus transport solution provider, ATG works with a number of Governments and regulatory bodies to deliver a range of public bus services. With a focus on systems and innovation and a non-negotiable approach to the safety, we are a market leader in the delivery of commuter services.

Key aspects of our approach to providing these services to our clients include:

  • safety. Through comprehensive staff and driver training programs, company safety accreditation, exemplary attention to repairs and maintenance schedules and a culture driven by continuous improvement, we ensure that our safety standards are our highest priority.
  • a focus on our customers. We recognise that customer satisfaction is paramount. At all times, the people in our business will work to ensure that the needs of our customers are met, and that their expectations are exceeded. This applies to commuters who use our services, and regulatory authorities who engage us to provide our services.
  • a focus on innovation. We recognise the importance of continuous improvement within our industry. We are committed to a culture of seeking feedback in relation to the way in which our services are run and perceived. We are also committed to wider industry improvements, including opportunities for greater environmental sustainability, and recognise the role we play in this area.

Services Snapshot

  • Public transport – provision of infrastructure
  • Public transport – provision of drivers / staff
  • Ticketing systems integration
  • One-off, special event transport solutions for Government / public authorities

With a private fleet of over 1000 buses, and an additional 50 buses under management, ATG is one of Australia’s largest bus operators in Australia, ATG is 100% Australian owned.

ATG operates the Regional Town Bus Service in Carnarvon, Western Australia on behalf of the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia – providing timetabled public transport services on seven routes in the local area.

ATG operates the public bus transport services in Geraldton, Western Australia and manages a fleet of over 20 Government-owned vehicles.

Using a fleet of over 25 buses, ATG provides a Regional Town Service in Geraldton, Western Australia. The service operates seven days a week.

Nine modern OC500LE-D Mercedes bus chassis with Volgren coachwork operate in the Port Hedland area to ensure that passengers are transported as safely and as comfortably as possible.

TransHedland – and ATG – use the Electronic Issuing Ticketing Machine System and GPS tracking accurate to 2 metres, ensuring passengers are able to benefit from the newest technologies and that their public transport experience is as seamless as possible.

Each weekday, approximately 800 Port Hedland residents rely on the public transport system – using services provided by ATG.