Staying Safe with Corona virus

Adapting to the revised Restrictions of Borders opening across Australia - Be Prepared

What is ATG Doing

Updated 1st December 2020 (please note: this page will be regularly update to reflect changing circumstances)

ATG is deeply invested in all the risk and safety aspects of COVID-19. In March 2020, we immediately introduced measures in order to keep all ATG employees, customers and contractors safe, to ensure we serve our customers and community with the highest standard of safety and care. These actions have contributed to ensuring we do our part to slow the community spread of the virus.

Due to the borders opening to WA as of the 1st of December, we will continue to play our part in reminding employees of the importance to be vigilant in achieving and maintaining these goals through the following measures:

  • Offering and monitoring information based on expert and Government advice
  • Limiting exposure through minimising  travel
  • Maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Maintaining sanitised workplaces and vehicle by invoking additional disinfecting and hygiene procedures into the cleaning of buses and premises procedure
  • Operationally, we have adapted the business to continue to service customers and to ensure continuity of business operations that are in line with Government directives.

For the latest information on the pandemic COVID-19, we refer to the additional range of available resources below:

ATG supports the download of the Australian Government’s COVID Safe App, available via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Social Distancing

As the situation changes each day, we have implemented workplace guidelines for social distancing and interaction between and amongst all employees. . For ATG, this initially involved cancelling all upcoming Toolbox meetings and other gatherings both in and out of business, customer events, sharing best practices on avoiding large groups, and options to work remotely were devised and incorporated into daily practice.

Currently, most Toolbox Meetings have been re-instated but with the designated 2m distance between meeting members as required, but will change in accordance with any changes to the current or upcoming environment or conditions.

As Communication to our staff is vital, where appropriate meetings are still being temporarily replaced with electronic media to maintain a healthy level of interaction. This includes the successful adaptation of our intranet, emails, SMS and printed bulletins, video conferencing and another electronic collaborative means to effectively communicate.

Personal Hygiene

Our offices and vehicles have been equipped with hand sanitizers and hand washing prompts to help our staff to be extra vigilant and adopt best practice hygiene measures. We continue to manage and encourage unwell staff to seek medical advice and self-isolate.

The expectation in Vehicles

As always great presentation of vehicles is a key essential for any public transport business and under current COVID-19 conditions this is even more important. The expectation of all our clients is that vehicles are not only presented in a clean manner but also sanitised to a level that protects against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

ATG has procured various disinfectants and hand sanitisers that are approved and recognised as being effective against the COVID-19 virus and have made  these available at each depot. These are the only cleaning materials to be used for the sanitisation of the vehicle. A number of staff briefing and toolbox meetings, training guides and instructions have been developed and communicated to all employees in relation to the effective disinfecting of vehicles. Operations Managers are able to offer further guidance in this regard.

In line with the COVID 19 Disinfecting of Buses and Surfaces Instructions that have been distributed and communicated to all employees, the guide includes the following  instructions in carrying out the effective  disinfecting of vehicles;

  • Spray the disinfectant on all surfaces and allow for 15 minutes stand time – The bus can be driven in this time to the point of pick up
  • Hard surfaces in the driver’s area should be sprayed and wiped
  • Use effective PPE, such as gloves and mask
  • Let your passengers know you have sanitised the bus

Social Distancing in our Vehicles

  • Ensure seating arrangements are allowed for social distancing, – minimising the opportunity for overcrowding to occur
  • Two seats directly behind the driver are to be left vacant at all times, except on School bus services or school charters, where all seats to be used if necessary
  • Entry and exit into vehicles  are managed where possible – first on moves to rear most seat available, first off from front of bus

The expectation in Premises

Regular cleaning in Premises must continue with enhanced disinfecting taking place alongside the normal cleaning regime. This means that all surfaces, communal areas, toilets sign-on stations, admin offices, multi-user devices such as tablets, phones, ticketing equipment, must be regularly disinfected.

Doors may be left open during the day to minimise opening and closing but should also undergo regular disinfecting along with the other areas in the premise ATG will continue to monitor government and health advice as it is released to ensure we remain in the best position to respond to opportunities or challenges accordingly. ATG has a social responsibility to our communities and following the guidelines, rules and best advice will ensure that we continue to prosper as a company.

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